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Important Tips to Crack Civil Services Examination in First Attempt

Important Tips to Crack Civil Services Examination in First Attempt


It is important to plan and prepare a strategy that works for you to clear the IAS exam in your first attempt. It means you have to sit and plan in such a way that you should accomplish within the given time limit.

Most successful IAS aspirants share that there able to accomplish by putting complete dedication and hard work from the time of preparation to facing the interview tests. If you miss any one of the above two things, you would not even be able to complete the first stage of preparation. The first stage of IAS preparation is the preliminary exam. If you fail to clear this first stage, it would totally bring down your motivation.

Also, taking up civil services coaching in Chennai from a leading institute will help you in a great way. You would meet several successful aspirants and aspiring students, where you can ask your doubts and discuss your subjects. This way, you can get a clear mind about IAS preparation. You would know from where to start and what topics to cover for the IAS exam.  

Start preparing at the best time:

It is best to prepare in the midst of May or at least at the start of June. It will be exactly after the final exams of post-graduation or graduation studies. Do not leave any gap in between since you would lose the touch of preparation and facing the exams. This way, you would get around 1 ½ years’ time to attend the IAS Main exam. This time frame remains efficient and helps you to prepare successfully.

You need to take and prepare notes on your own. When you prepare notes, it will help you for revision at the last minute. As you are having a long time, you have to keep preparing and also focus on your health.

Main Focus

Do not get distracted b by other things. Concentrate on your ambition and work towards to achieve your goal. Keep saying yourself that you need to pass in the exam in very first attempt. It is common for candidates to prepare for various exams at the same time. If you are undergoing such a case, there are chances to get diverted.

It is important to realize that civil service exam preparation is full-time job and not part-time one. If you are completely devoted to civil services exam preparation without concentrating or taking up other studies, you can easily succeed in the first attempt.

When your concentration level is at peak throughout, you can expect for good results. Some people go for job and take up civil services exam. It is actually hard to focus on both. If you are preparing for civil service, you need to focus on this completely to avoid failure.

Answer writing practice

In UPSC civil services examination, you need to write good answers. It is not easy to change the writing style just in overnight. If you wish to write impressive and quality answers, you should take sufficient practice. Though you knew answers, your writing style should remain good. If your writing style is not impressive, it can get easily rejected.