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Secrets to Succeed in IAS Exam in The First Attempt

Secrets to Succeed in IAS Exam in The First Attempt



Do you wish to occupy No.1 Rank in the forthcoming IAS exam? Well, you should follow certain advice and suggestions shared by the IAS toppers. It does not mean that you should copy and follow the same strategy. You should know how they have developed a strategy and accomplish. Plan a strategy on your style and try to implement for accomplishing the IAS exam in first attempt. If you are able to accomplish just in a single attempt, it means you have put lot of hard work and dedication. You would have heard a famous proverb ‘Hard toil is secret of success’. It means truly apt for clearing the IAS exam. Apart from obtaining advice and suggestions, you should also consider enrolling in a leading IAS training centre in Chennai. By joining, you would know what to study, fresh topics that have been included by UPSC and topics to give a thorough reading.

Here in this blog, we have shared some important secrets to clear IAS exam. These tips are shared by the recent IAS toppers.

Dedication and hard work:

There is one common thing between the IAS toppers apart from category, age, family background, and education background. It is dedication and hard work. If you are able to dedicate completely for the IAS preparation, step ahead to pursue. Moreover, you should also need encouragement and support from mentors, friends and family members to achieve success. When your hard work combines with the support and encouragement, you get a lot of confidence to achieve the most challenging exam.

Understand the syllabus:

If you are an aspirant appearing the forthcoming IAS exam, ensure to understand the UPSC Main Syllabus and Prelims Syllabus. It is important to focus on syllabus materials. Most students make a mistake of not concentrating on the syllabus. They would be studying other additional materials that not much required. When you prepare as per the syllabus, you would be redirected to a particular direction that leads you to success. It also lets you know what you have to read and what is not required to cover. All the IAS toppers admit that they focus mostly on the syllabus while preparing for the IAS examination.

Proper support and guidance:

The UPSC aspirants should require excellent guidance and support. It will help them to prepare for the exam in confident manner especially for the interview session.

One of the crucial parts in IAS preparation is the IAS interview. In the interview, the examiners would not test your knowledge but they attempt to test your personality. Several toppers share that they took complete support and guidance from the mentors and experts especially for the interview preparation. Some candidates also admit that they took complete assistance for the entire IAS preparation.

Mock tests:

It is important to regularly practice previous five years question papers and also attend mock tests to identify your weakness and strength. By attending more and more mock tests, you would know where you are lacking and what you need to prepare. Most IAS toppers admit that they follow certain online mock tests programmes for IAS preparation.

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